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2012 was traveling

I began this year as a happy and content Hornet working three part time jobs with lots of big plans

I finished this year as a happy and adventurous Bomber proud of where I’ve been, where I am, where I’m going, and where I came from.


JANUARY- NYC for Anderson, Jersey Boys, and sightseeing. 

FEBRUARY- NIRCHI’S for working nine hours on the busiest day of the year, getting interviewed by the news, and watching the Giant’s win another Superbowl.

MARCH- SARATOGA SPRINGS, NY for a relaxing St. Patrick’s Day weekend with my fellow Phi Theta Kappa E-Board Members complete with kettle corn, great food, long walks, and cute shops.

APRIL- NASHVILLE, TN for BBQ’s, the Grande Ole Opry, the magnificent Gaylord Opryland, Malcolm Gladwell, the “Tiger Mom”, and a lot of country music.

MAY- Graduating from BCC with my Associates in Liberal Arts, completing yet another chapter in my life. Oh yeah, and ENGLAND for tea, accents, Darwin, and Dickens. HEH.

JUNE- FRANCE for sleeping on a sand dune, eating my weight in seafood, flying in a plane, and quality time with two of my favorite boys. ITALY for eating, eating, eating, cheese and bread, eating, squeezing and loving every inch of my family, and bringing my Zia home with me.

JULY- YANKEE STADIUM for a rain delayed and eventually cancelled baseball game. WASHINGTON DC for celebrating a wonderful marriage at a beautiful wedding with my favorite neighbors.

AUGUST- MONTREAL, CANADA for poutine, churches, drinking, dick floppin’, and just because. HERSHEY, PA for my favorite boy band and then some. ITHACA, NY to start a new and adventurous chapter in my life.

SEPTEMBER- WELLESLEY ISLAND STATE PARK for white water rafting, bon fires, ultimate Frisbee, hiking, and tentopolis. And then we ate whale.

OCTOBER- LITTLETREE ORCHARDS for apple picking and OALC lovin’.

NOVEMBER- GENESEO/ROCHESTER for drinking and Fun. CORTLAND for a tough loss to C-State but a great bus ride. ALBANY for day drinking, and that was enough.

DECEMBER- ENDICOTT, NY for reflecting, reminiscing, and appreciating a busy wonderful unforgettable year. 

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-Breakfast Club and Honesty Circles with my favorite gravy drinkin’, tent sleepin’, fort buildin’, video makin’ family of adventurers 

-Losing my Tc Lounge/Bonus Bucks virginity 

-4 Presentations, 2 Exams, and 1 Article in the Ithaca Times Newpaper

-Filming, Editing, Filming, Stalking Dan Wendel, Editing, Editing, Editing, Watching Jess edit, More editing, Finally filming Dan Wendel, Watching, Crying. 

-Home and all of its Holiday glory 

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This may be the Parkie in me coming out, but this commercial is great in so many ways. LOVE. IT.

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Making a day of lasts a day of firsts

-First breakfast in Campus Center (and I got an omelette because the line wasn’t too long! which is a first!)

-First time studying on the fourth floor of the library

-First last day of classes at Ithaca College

-Would have been my first Ithacapella concert, but instead we’re streaming it live from our floor so we don’t have to leave hehe 

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Hole in the wall, Thrift Shop, shorting out the hallway lights, Mao, our band, dogs, writing on mirrors, slam poetry, flannels, crafting, haikus, videos, gravy jars, hickeys, Prim-Skills, honesty, no authority, camouflage, stealing pumpkins, nudity, dancing, hidden fruit, post-it notes, love notes, dental dams, Ryan’s dancing and France Walrus. My experience at IC would be COMPLETELY different this semester if it wasn’t for my fortunate stumble upon room number 217, a single room located within the Outdoor Adventure Learning Community on the second floor of Terrace 8.

I sometimes wonder what it would have been like if I did get accepted to live on the transfer student floor. I’m sure that I would have enjoyed it a lot because I do spend the time that I’m not on my floor on the transfer floor. But I think that getting denied was meant to be. It gave me an opportunity to mingle with transfers and live with people of different class years. It helped me to make twice as many friends that I would have had to start off with. And everyday has been an adventure. O-A-L-C! GOOD FOR YOU! AND GOOD FOR ME!

OALC Fall 2012 Semester summed up in 5 bullets:

- White Water Rafting/Camping

- Room 206

- Honesty Circles

- Thanksgiving/Secret Santa

- Every single day

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Top 10 Favorite IC Events This Semester

… because Top 5 just didn’t cut it

-FYE Comedy Night 

-One Man Circus

-“Im with the Band” Trampoline Storytelling event 

-Spirit Week- Most specifically “Taste of Ithaca”

-Rocky Horror Picture Show

-Native American Identity Panel 

-Native American Social Dance & Two Row Wampum Campaign 

-Spit That! 

-Our Town